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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 10/09/2020
UPC: 762183446821

Still Vol. 1
Artist: Michael Smith W
Format: CD


1. Steadfast (Pt. 1)
2. Broken (Pt. 2)
3. Hope (Pt. 3)
4. Shelter (Pt. 4)
5. Blessing (Pt. 5)
6. Steadfast - Instrumental (Pt. 1)
7. Broken - Instrumental (Pt. 2)
8. Hope - Instrumental (Pt. 3)
9. Shelter - Instrumental (Pt. 4)
10. Blessing - Instrumental (Pt. 5) Aces See Below

More Info:

Three-time GRAMMY (R) award winner and 45 time GMA Dove Award winner Michael W. Smith has released numerous award-winning instrumental albums in his career. With the release of "Still", he adds a new dimension to his artistry with an album of spoken-word over calm, introspective and soothing instrumental music. Fresh off a #1 radio single with "Waymaker" (His 36th!), Michael W. Smith continues his dominance in worship music with an atmospheric listening experience of improvisational music coupled with inspirational scriptures spoken by Michael himself. With the world currently at unrest, "Still" provides a respite from the chaos and fear, and offers encouragement for the listener to be 'still' and breathe; to rest and find comfort away from the noise of life. The album includes 5 tracks of spoken word over instrumental music running 27 minutes and then 5 additional tracks with just the music alone. A gifted instrumentalist, Michael W. Smith provides an oasis for any listener to rest and be still.