Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 11/25/2022
UPC: 762183773125

Lucky Bag Of Viktor Marek (Uk)
Artist: Mr Subtitle
Format: Vinyl


1. Track 1
2. Pisces ; Worms
3. Track 3
4. Don't Pay Why
5. Track 5
6. Mr Subtitle's Theme
7. Track 7
8. Like This
9. Like That
10. Track 10
11. Crazy Narîn
12. Track 12
13. Inu-Ga
14. Track 14
15. Yeti Park
16. Track 16
17. Acolyte
18. Track 18
19. Un Piccolo Sottotiolo

More Info:

Viktor Marek is at home everywhere, even at home, DJ Booty Carrell recently remarked on his old companion. Marek is the outernational musician par excellence. When he's not working as general manager of the legendary Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg, he travels the world, meets people and records music with them. With his inimitable productions between HipHop, Acid and Dub, he has long been known as the "Madlib from the Waterkant" far beyond the borders of Hamburg! As a beatmaker and producer for artists such as Jacques Palminger and the Sufi Dub Brothers (Marek together with Ashraf Sharif Khan) and a lot more, he has already released countless great tracks and albums. Finally, he is going to release his first solo album for which he has invented the character Mr. Subtitle. A translator of cultures. An overcomer of distances. A humanistic spirit of research and comic hero who encounters many artists and cultures on the album "The lucky bag of Viktor Marek". Some of them are probably not even native to this planet.