Format: CD
Rel. Date: 11/25/2022
UPC: 762183773323

Meander (Uk)
Artist: Windisch Quartet
Format: CD


1. Track 1
2. Langsam Machen
3. Track 3
4. High
5. Track 5
6. Certain Uncertainty
7. Track 7
8. Meander
9. Track 9
10. Clumsy Sad Sloth
11. Track 11
12. Endlich Mal Wieder 15
13. Track 13
14. Dichte
15. Track 15
16. Blake
17. Track 17
18. Auf Und Ab

More Info:

Julius Windisch is a name to remember. As one of the most important protagonists of the young Berlin jazz scene between Berlin-Wedding and Neukölln, he surely has a great career ahead of him in the years to come. On one hand this is due to his social skills (can hold a top-class band together but also organize a neighborhood help!), to his technical abilities (trained pianist!), but above all to his romantic disposition. He has something that many jazz musicians unfortunately seem to lose in the course of their lives: a fine sense of melody. The naive expressions of human feelings, which are certainly highly complex at their core, but come across so easily once you can whistle them! That is not to say that our Windisch Quartet plays easy listening. The second album of this still very young quartet consisting of the great rhythm team Max Santer (drums) and Felix Henkelhausen (bass) as well as the also outstanding saxophonist Sölvi Kolbeinson is bursting with catchy tunes between classical, timelessly driving modern jazz, surprising synth-world transformations from the fusion kitchen and enriched with trips into extensive score-worlds, that ECM collectors might enjoy as well. Little wonder that the album is called "Meander". The music meanders boldly and tries to cross jazz sub-genres and genre boundaries in general at will.