Pixel Grip - Heavy Handed - Pink [Colored Vinyl] (Pnk)


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 04/19/2024
UPC: 762183953121

Heavy Handed - Pink [Colored Vinyl] (Pnk)
Artist: Pixel Grip
Format: Vinyl


1. Tell Him Off
2. Tyler Take
3. Can't Compete
4. Diamonds
5. Golden Moses
6. Twentyfour
7. Plastic Enemies
8. Body Like That
9. Soft Peaks
10. Lady Beijing
11. Right Side

More Info:

Heavy Handed feels like getting in on Chicago's best kept secret. Rita Lukea, Jonathon Freund, and Tyler Ommen developed their debut LP over the past two years recording at Decade Music Studios and playing tirelessly at venues like Thalia Hall, word of mouth underground electro dance parties, and on festival stages. Rita opens the album singing "So come on baby walk through the door / I meant to let you in". With Pixel Grip's Heavy Handed it's a synthpop paradise beyond heaven. Rita's dynamic, boundless voice guides Jonathon's lush analog synth arrangements and Tyler's tight, irresistible drum grooves to form a sound that transcends any one place or time.