Big Game - Big Game [Limited Edition] (Aus)


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/28/2024
UPC: 762184220529

Big Game [Limited Edition] (Aus)
Artist: Big Game
Format: CD


1. Yesterday's Gone
2. I Won't Give Up
3. Out of the Blue
4. The Assassin
5. Only for You
6. Always Gonna Be with You
7. No Room for Love (Demo)
8. Walls Come Down
9. Reason for the Season
10. Angel (Demo)
11. Let Me Be the One (Demo)
12. Broken Promises (Demo)
13. Cry Me a River (Demo)
14. And I (Demo)
15. Endless Nights (Demo)
16. Heart and Soul (Live)
17. Stop Runnin from My Love (Live)
18. Goin Off (Instrumental)(Live)

More Info:

MelodicRock Classics goes back to the mid-90s to uncover audio from one of the rarest indie EPs released at the time. The band is Big Game and their self-titled 5 track EP gave them a shot at bigger things, but you know the story. Now the tracks have been dusted off, but not only that, the archives have been fully plundered to deliver the original EP, several additional unreleased demos and a few "official bootleg" live tracks. It is the complete Big Game recording sessions on one disc, remastered once again by JK Northrup and limited to just 500 Units worldwide. Once gone... they're gone!