Raymond Burke - Southland Recordings 1958/60 [Reissue]


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 08/09/2024
UPC: 762247509929

Southland Recordings 1958/60 [Reissue]
Artist: Raymond Burke
Format: CD


1. Apple Blossom Time
2. A Long Way to Tipperary
3. City of a Million Dreams
4. Vieux Carré Parade
5. You Tell Me Your Dreams
6. Bucket's Got a Hole in It
7. Pagan Love Song
8. Rose Room
9. You Tell Me Your Dreams
10. Pagan Love Song
11. Rose Room
12. Back Home Again in Indiana
13. City of a Million Dreams
14. Bugle Call Rag

More Info:

No one sounded quite like Raymond Burke. He's clearly heard all of the great clarinetists from Leon Roppolo on down, and absorbed a bit from each of them. He had a beautiful dark tone that was pure New Orleans. This album was produced by Joe Mares, one of the legends in New Orleans music. He built a small recording studio in his shop and entertained his jazz friends when the day's work was done. He produced records for national companies, then started the Southland label; he ran it for thirty years and produced 41 albums before he sold the label to George Buck of GHB/Jazzology. This session includes ten unissued tracks from Southland sessions from 1960 and 1958 - two were recorded for broadcast at Dan's Pier 500, a popular Bourbon Street club best known as one of Al Hirt's first gigs, and one recorded in the famous French Quarter studio run by Cosimo Matassa, who was best known for recording most of the great sides by Fats Domino.