Oresund Space Collective - Orgone Unicorn


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 07/26/2024
UPC: 763232108127

Orgone Unicorn
Artist: Oresund Space Collective
Format: CD


1. Disc One: Skin Walker
2. Eno's Donut
3. Orgone Unicorn
4. Red Panda In Rhodes Disc Two: David Graham's Wormhole Ride
5. Kraut Toe Trip
6. Omnia Magnifico

More Info:

OSC is an all instrumental prog-space-jazz rock musician collective from Scandinavia. The band has released 27 studio albums and 13 live records. This is the bands 44th release since 2006 and features many of the same musicians that played on Everyone is Evil. Prog rock god, Mattias Olsson on drums, multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Segel (many instruments), UK producer Larry Lush (keys), Martin Weaver (Dark, Wicked lady, Doctors of Space) on drum machines, Luis Simoes (Saturnia) guitar, GONG, noise box, Hasse Horrigmoe from Tangle Edge on bass, and Dr Space on synths. KG Westman returns to the band for the first time since 2016 on sitar and synthesizers. The music has a bit of a dark proggy mood at times and the band even experiments with the use of Drum machines! The CD features extended versions and two tracks not on the vinyl version of the release.