Format: CD
Rel. Date: 10/29/2021
UPC: 7640120193720


1. Lost Weekend 1
2. Lost Weekend 2
3. Lost Weekend 3
4. Lost Weekend 4
5. Lost Weekend 5
6. Lost Weekend 6
7. Lost Weekend 7
8. Color of Heat
9. The Trees Speak
10. Sinking in
11. Color of Heart

More Info:

Fred Frith is a multi-instrumentalist and a shrewd outsiderwho walks the line between rock and jazz, improvisation andcomposition, and hereby presents a breathtaking live doubleCD with his long-time Bay Area trio.CD1 documents an inspiring trio concert by these extraordinarilycreative musicians at Stadthalle Köln as part of Week-End Fest 2019.CD2 features the trio with guests Lotte Anker and SusanaSantos Silva. Both musicians have a long history with the trio- Lotte Anker has played with the trio in San Francisco andNew York, and Susana Santos Silva joined them for performancesin Brazil in 2018, while both have joined the trio totour the U.S. East Coast and Europe in 2019. Lotte Anker andSusana Santos Silva fire up the trio. And in turn the trio'sinspiration has an effect on Lotte and Susana which feedsback into the group. This creates a unique collective soundthat delivers an infectious live energy.Fred Frith