Angelica Sanchez - Monster Is Just An Animal You Haven't Met Yet


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 04/05/2024
UPC: 7640120194130

Monster Is Just An Animal You Haven't Met Yet
Artist: Angelica Sanchez
Format: CD


1. Liminal
2. Animistic
3. Holding Presence in Time
4. Holding Space
5. Tracers of Cosmic Space
6. Myopic Seer
7. A Monster Is Just An Animal You Haven't Met Yet
8. Alluvial
9. Threadwork
10. All Alone Together

More Info:

Two exceptional musicians - Angelica Sanchez and Chad Taylor - present their first duo album with A Monster is Just an Animal You Haven't Met Yet. And it's high time, given their long musical friendship, which has solidified over the years in various formations. It is therefore no exaggeration to describe pianist Angelica Sanchez and drummer Chad Taylor as two of the most important musical personalities in contemporary jazz. Both are virtuoso improvisers and unmistakable stylists and they celebrate a music that releases energy - pulsating vividly while at the same time withdrawing into intimacy. The gratification that Sanchez and Taylor feel in playing together is heard in every note, designating them a classic duo. A celebration of successful interplay and a tribute to the moment. Playing the music of our time, these two personalities who show respect for each other and give each other space. "We are eavesdropping upon an intimate exposition of dimensional theses. A privileged impropriety granted by no one, vaguely wanton, and luridly inviting. And so, it is...", writes Brandon Ross in the liner notes.