Format: CD
Rel. Date: 12/29/2023
UPC: 765105159540

Blood In The Gears (Bonus Tracks) [With Booklet] (Card)
Artist: The Showdown
Format: CD

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Introducing the highly anticipated re-issue of The Showdown's iconic Christian thrash album, "Blood in the Gears." Experience the raw power and intensity of this genre-defining masterpiece, now available in a special Collector's Edition packed with exclusive bonus content. Prepare to be blown away as you delve into the heart-pounding energy of "Blood in the Gears" with three exhilarating bonus tracks that will leave you craving for more. These additional songs bring a new dimension to the album, offering a fresh perspective on the band's extraordinary musical prowess.  The first bonus track Wolven Throne was originally the hidden track on the original release.  Later on, a digital only deluxe version was released with Evil Eye and Apocalypse Horde.  This collectors edition gives you get all 3 bonus tracks. Featuring a striking Collectors Sleeve adorned with mesmerizing alternate artwork, this re-issue ensures a visually stunning addition to your music collection. The artwork captures the essence of The Showdown's explosive sound, perfectly complementing the powerful sonic experience that awaits within. With the included 8-page booklet, you'll gain deeper insights into the band's journey, lyrics, and inspirations. Immerse yourself in their world as you read captivating anecdotes, explore thought-provoking visuals, and connect on a personal level with the music and it's creators. Presented in a classic Jewel Case, this re-issue upholds the tradition of preserving the album's integrity while showcasing it's renewed brilliance. The durable case ensures your cherished copy of "Blood in the Gears" remains protected for years to come, maintaining it's high-quality audio and visual appeal. But that's not all! As a testament to the dedication of The Showdown's loyal fanbase, this Collector's Edition includes a limited edition Gold Foil Collectors Trading Card. Featuring the fierce and iconic imagery of Spikes Up #16, this unique keepsake will become a prized possession among collectors and fans alike. Mark your calendars, as the re-issue of "Blood in the Gears" is set to unleash it's relentless power on July 20, 2023. With it's Officially Licensed and Band Approved stamp of authenticity, this release guarantees the highest quality and a genuine representation of The Showdown's artistic vision. Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of Christian thrash history. Get ready to immerse yourself in the intense world of The Showdown, as "Blood in the Gears" takes you on a sonic journey like no other. Secure your copy of this limited Collector's Edition and prepare to be captivated by the explosive soundscapes and profound messages that define this remarkable album.