Format: CD
Label: MDD
Rel. Date: 01/20/2023
UPC: 765588181281

Artist: Whirlwind
Format: CD


1. 1714 (Intro)
2. The Call
3. Under Siege
4. Rebels Arise!
5. Torture, Knife ; Fire
6. Gallows Tithe
7. Cannons of Infuriation
8. The Bastard Duke
9. Immortal Heroes
10. Red September
11. Echoes of Time

More Info:

Whirlwind was started by Mark Wild (rhythm guitar) in 2012 with songs were heavily influenced by the golden era of Running Wild as well as the old Accept or Helloween, with each song being an anthem with direct riffs, epic choruses and melodic & catchy solos. "1714" is a concept album about the siege and fall of Barcelona by Bourbon forces during the European War of the Spanish Succession.