Format: CD
Rel. Date: 09/15/2023
UPC: 766397481920

Now And The Evermore (More) [Deluxe]
Artist: Colin Hay
Format: CD


1. Disc 1: Now and the Evermore
2. Love Is Everywhere
3. Into the Bright Lights
4. The Sea of Always
5. Starfish and Unicorns
6. A Man Without a Name
7. Undertow
8. All I See Is You
9. Agatha Bell
10. When Does the End Begin?
11. Disc 2: Long Ago
12. Tomorrow Never Comes
13. We Can Love Again
14. Waterline
15. Someone Else's Life
16. Incommunicado
17. Within the Wheels of Love (Love Is Everything)

More Info:

On September 15, Compass Records will release the deluxe edition of Colin Hay'sacclaimed 2022 album NOW AND THE EVERMORE. The deluxe edition, titledNOW AND THE EVERMORE (MORE) includes seven unreleased and never beforeheard tracks from the original recording sessions. Says Hay, "Upon listeningto these songs, which were part of the NOW AND THE EVERMORE recordingsessions, I am struck by a sense of yearning. For what is unclear, but the context isset within the fleeting nature of time, and the subsequent importance of the hereand now. I think they deserve to run free."Written and recorded in Hay's adopted hometown of Los Angeles and at CompassSound Studio in Nashville, NOW AND THE EVERMORE (MORE) celebrates lifeand love, and finding silver linings and reasons to smile through the challengesof recent times.