Format: CD
Label: MRBD
Catalog: 7057
Rel. Date: 11/24/2023
UPC: 768586005726

Artist: Sargeist/Horned Almighty
Format: CD


1. In Rain & Despair
2. Questing the Blessing of Evil
3. Profane Bleeding Call
4. At the Altar of the Beast
5. Skullsplitting Painfest
6. Degradation Song
7. In Torture Me Trust
8. To the Lord Our Lives

More Info:

"OVERVIEW:Official reissue of the long out of print legendary Sargeist / Horned Almighty split album! Finland's #1 Black Metal artist SARGEIST is one of the largest Black Metal acts in the world. With 6 Studio album, countless EP's, a box set and numerous world-wide headlining tours under their bullet-belts, they have cultivated a fanatical and loyal international fan base through their 25+ year career! Moribund records are proud to reissue their rare split album with Danish compatriarchs HORNED ALMIGHTY, originally released by the label in 2004, and out of print since 2014! Featuring 4 exclusive tracks from both artist each band displays their unrepentant Devotion to the devil and the Black Metal scene! Revelation Draws Near!!!PRESS:"It's dark energy, the release is filled with it. " -Metal-archives. ComKEY SALES POINTS:* Official reissue of SARGEIST's rare, out of print Split album with HORNED ALMIGHTY!* Features a stunning production courtesy of The Autopsy Room