Satan's Host - Pre-Dating God: Part 2


Format: CD
Label: MRBD
Rel. Date: 01/20/2015
UPC: 768586021221

Pre-Dating God: Part 2
Artist: Satan's Host
Format: CD

More Info:

Satan's Host deliver their masterwork with 'Pre-dating God' Parts 1 & 2! Striking while the iron's hot after 2013's critically acclaimed 'Virgin Sails', the two-disc 'Pre-dating God' sees Satan's Host going from strength to strength, creating epic 'n' dynamic HEAVY METAL anthems that immediately stick in the brain. With a storied history that spans five decades, Patrick Evil's devilish warriors here bring together their two distinct periods the traditional/true metal of their early work, and the blasting black / death metal of their middle period - and tastefully modernize it into a sound that is totally all their own. With Harry 'The Tyrant' Conklin delivering his best vocal performance ever, in 2015, no one's able to touch Satan's Host for sheer mastery and uniqueness! A metal classic for time eternal!