Vardan - Night the Loneliness


Format: CD
Label: MRBD
Rel. Date: 02/17/2015
UPC: 768586021320

Night the Loneliness
Artist: Vardan
Format: CD

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VARDAN, the busiest man in black metal, continues his dominance of the underground with 'The Night, The Loneliness'. Chronologically the 23rd album in the one-man band's vast discography, VARDAN's latest 'The Night, The Loneliness' sees the selfsame main man master the art of melancholy. Down-tempo and downtrodden, forlorn and fatalistic, 'The Night, The Loneliness' pulses its way into the soul - SLOWLY - twisting and turning the knife with bittersweetness and even a bit of beauty, its night-time mysticism entrancing the listener with cyclic shards of decayed melody and otherworldly synths. There's no better time than now to discover the epic darkness of VARDAN and enter 'The Night, The Loneliness'!