Hacavitz - Nex Nihil


Format: CD
Label: MRBD
Rel. Date: 09/28/2018
UPC: 768586025229

Nex Nihil
Artist: Hacavitz
Format: CD

More Info:

2018 release. The triumphant return of the #1 Hispanic black/death metal band! Debuting with a self-titled 7"EP on legendary Osmose Production in 2004, Hacavitz signed with Moribund Records in 2005 and quickly released their massive debut album Venganza. Hacavitz swiftly returned with 2007's critically acclaimed Katun, an album based on the revival and conquest of the new Aztecan Empire. Katun immediately became the new South American anthem of cultural revival and once again pushed the known boundaries of extreme metal. 2010's "Metztli Obscura" continued this revolution of ancestral culture and history solidifying Hacavitz as the #1 Hispanic Metal band of our era. After a brief stint with well-known death metal institution Dark Descent records, releasing 2015's "Darkness Beyond", Hacavitz have resigned to Moribund Records. The result is the bands come-back and most rocking, ominous, accomplished and skillful album to date, "NEX NIHIL". "NEX NIHIL" showcases ranging Wraith-like, forked-tongue Black Death metal vocals, multi-layered guitars that weave in and out with angular death to black metal riffing, pounding bass and perfectly timed drumming crafting infernal Quetzalcoatlian nahual spells! Completely rocking, hook-laden black death metal from beginning to end! With "NEX NIHIL" Hacavitz reap a multi-lingual whirlwind of serpentine blackened death metal immersed in Pre-Hispanic Mythology that spells the end in any language. The perfect mix between Dissection, Morbid Angel and Immortal!!!