Format: CD
Rel. Date: 08/26/2022
UPC: 768586029623

Phase Iv
Artist: Phase IV
Format: CD

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Forward thinking progressive & atmospheric sci-fi infused Metal heralding the most unique and invigorating sound the scene has experienced in decades!!! Austin TX new comers Phase IV burst onto the scene with the stellar shock-waves created by a new born star. Delivering a completely original and avant-garde sound, the band seamlessly mixes elements of progressive rock and free-form jazz into a blackened heavy metal context and concept, creating a unique and invigorating sound all their own. Cosmic rays of dissonant and abstract guitars, intergalactic waves of contra-bass and pulsar emissions of nonlinear syncopated drums reverberate, emanate and comingle. As nearby quasars consume all light, supernova pulses radiate Phase IV neutrinos which arrive to the planet earth. Prepare yourself for the coming change as the cosmic electromagnetic sound waves of Phase IV have arrived!