The Pagans - Pirate's Cover 9/24/79


Format: Vinyl
Label: Thermionic Records
Rel. Date: 04/18/2015
UPC: 778578333416

Pirate's Cover 9/24/79
Artist: The Pagans
Format: Vinyl

More Info:

Your punk enablers at Thermionic are back again with another RSD rarity! The Pagans flame burned brightly for just a few short years, long enough to produce four "godlike" seven-inchers and, post-mortem, a raft of archival collections and reunion recordings. That’s the beauty of the Pagans—they never "made it." Instead, they are true bastard sons of the city of Cleveland, often overlooked and under-appreciated. The Pagans emerged in 1977, in all their sloppy glory; but by 1983, bands like The Exploited, Discharge, and GBH had come forward with a new type of more aggressive punk; the world that the Pagans had created was already almost gone. Their contemporaries were either broken up, dead, or worse (in the minds of many), had gone mainstream. But as Mike Hudson puts it, the lack of success was the best thing to ever happen to the Pagans: “If we’d have been rock stars, if we had gotten that kind of treatment, that kind of money... we’d have all been dead.” In this case, we have the Pagans not dead but very much alive, ripping through fourteen songs, recorded live by Paul Marotta at the Pirate's Cove in Cleveland.

• The Pagans worked harder, played louder, lived faster, and left a messier scar on the local music scene than just about any other band could have dreamed. 
• With only four "properly" released singles, the Pagans slashed and burned their way into Cleveland's music history with a caustic mix of wit, anger, and substance-fueled mania.
• Limited to 1,000 copies


Side 1: Real World, Dead End America, Jaguar Ride, Final Solution, Heart Of Stone, Yeah Yeah, Eyes Of Satan
Side 2: Dream Lover, Street Where Nobody Lives, Little Black Egg, Not Now No Way, Give Up, Don't Leave Me Alone, Secret Agent Man