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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 10/02/2020
UPC: 7798093712810

Many Faces Of Iron Maiden / Various (Gate) [Limited Edition]
Artist: Many Faces Of Iron Maiden / Various
Format: Vinyl


1. Gomagog Feat. Paul Di'anno, Janick Gers ; Clive Burr - I Will Be There
2. Stratus Feat. Clive Burr - Back Street Lovers
3. McCoy Feat. Ron "Rebel" Matthews ; Paul Samson - Night Lights
4. Doogie White - the Evil That Men Do
5. Stratus Feat. Clive Burr - Even If It Takes
6. Paul Di'anno - Wratchild
7. Paul Di'anno - Running Free
8. Paul Di'anno - Phantom of the Opera
9. Paul Di'anno - Mad Man in the Attic
10. Paul Di'anno - the Living Dead
11. Regan Kendrick - the Number of the Beast Intro
12. Chris Neufeld ; Richard Kendrick - the Number of the Beast
13. Tim Ripper Owens, Ira Black ; Richard Kendrick - Aces High
14. Doogie White - Hallowed Be Thy Name
15. Steve Overland from FM - Run to the Hills
16. D3Vilmaycryy - Rainmaker
17. Mystic Force - Revelations
18. Steve Grimmett - 2 Minutes to Midnight
19. Ravage - the Clairvoyant
20. Electric Sister - Killers

More Info:

Double colored vinyl LP pressing. By the mid-70s the metal scene was dying; the bands were repeating themselves and critics were automatically despising each new album of the genre, as soon as they were released. The emergence of punk in England in 1976 allowed rock music to be seen again as something trendy. That gave a new generation of British heavy metals bands, the opportunity to surge in the shadows of punk music. This new scene, which included several sub-styles, was called The New Wave Of The British Heavy Metal. After a fantastic start with two albums (Iron Maiden from 1980 and Killers from 1981) led by the voice and the punk-like image of Paul Di'Anno, the group changed vocalist, and the chosen one was Bruce Dickinson (ex-Samson). With his powerful voice and his virtuosity, Iron Maiden instantly became one of the most epic heavy metal bands ever. In the Many Faces of Iron Maiden we pay tribute to one of the most important heavy metal bands of all time, featuring the work of many of their former members and an exploration of thei fantastic catalog. With fantastic artwork and remastered sound, The Many Faces of Iron Maiden is another essential addition to our Many Faces collection on vinyl format; and remember that the album is not available on streaming platforms!