Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 10/29/2021
UPC: 7798093712940

Many Faces Of The Cure / Various [Colored Vinyl] (Gate)
Artist: Many Faces Of The Cure / Various
Format: Vinyl


1. Junior Jack Feat. Robert Smith - Da Hype
2. Presence Feat. Laurence Tolhurst - Never
3. Presence Feat. Laurence Tolhurst - All I See
4. Presence Feat. Laurence Tolhurst - Act of Faith
5. Presence Feat. Laurence Tolhurst - Fragments
6. Fools Dance Feat. Simon Gallup - Happy Families Waiting (At the Skylab Landing Bay)
7. Fools Dance Feat. Porl Thompson - They'll Never Know
8. Fools Dance Feat. Simon Gallup - Sa' Ha
9. Fools Dance Feat. Simon Gallup - Empty Hours
10. Fools Dance Feat. Simon Gallup - the Collector
11. Joy Zipper - Just Like Heaven
12. Tanya Donelly ; Dylan in the Movies - the Lovecats
13. The Wedding Present - High
14. Dean ; Britta - Friday I'm in Love
15. Wayne Hussey - a Night Like This
16. Devics - Catch
17. The Brunettes - Lovesong
18. Kitty Karlyle - in Between Days
19. Cassettes Won't Listen - Let's Go to Bed
20. The Submarines - Boys Don't Cry

More Info:

Undoubtedly, The Cure is one of the most representative groups of the 80s, with an iconic image that is part of the stellar podium with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran and Boy George. Emerged from the atmosphere of the post punk and dark rock, The Cure and, above all, it's leader Robert Smith, had the cunning as to include in it's catalog fantastic pop songs that became absolute classics, without resigning their credibility. The Many Faces of The Cure in vinyl format presents the alternative and little-known roads of the group, collaborations of Robert Smith with other artists, the almost hidden post-Cure groups of both drummer / keyboardist Laurence Tolhurst and bassist Simon Gallup and of course, also his songs, performed by a series of artists who have magically collected their legacy. With expanded liner notes, luxurious artwork and remastered sound, The Many Faces Of The Cure In vinyl format it's an album that every fan will want to have in their collection. And remember that it is not available on streaming platforms.