Format: Vinyl
Label: Ubiquity Records
Rel. Date: 04/08/2022
UPC: 780661140412

The Soul Surfers Present: Igor & Romeo's Sound Exc
Artist: The Soul Surfers
Format: Vinyl


1. Lunar Rainbow
2. Anybody Home
3. Circumstances
4. Outer Space Jazz
5. Darbuka
6. Cyber Attack
7. The Sea
8. Squared Baroque
9. Etude
10. Piano Diablo
11. High Expectations
12. At the Other Side

More Info:

After meeting and working with Janko Nilovic - the extraordinary French library maestro - on a new album, while traveling and performing together around the world for almost 10 years, Igor Zhukovsky & Romeo Miussky - the multi-instrumentalist production duo, and rhythm core of The Soul Surfers - were inspired to make a record of free, spiritual, esoteric sounds which blended together on tape and made Sound Excitement happen. Drawing on their experience as soundtrack composers and using heavyweight Soviet analog equipment, including a few vintage personal instruments belonging to some legends of the Soviet leftfield music scene, Igor & Romeo started experimenting with genre-bending music. The outcome of their recordings are a mixed bag of different moods and genres. "It's something similar to a library record or more like a compilation of many different library records on one LP for a good decade if you know what I mean? It's the work which we're really excited about and excited to share with you!... oh that's hell of a wordplay!"- I. Zhukovsky