Zombi - Direct Inject


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 03/22/2024
UPC: 781676754021

Direct Inject
Artist: Zombi
Format: CD


1. Direct Inject
2. So Mote It Be
3. Bodies in the Flotsam
4. Kamichi ; Sandy
5. Sessuale II
6. Improvise Adapt Overcome
7. The Post-Atomic Horror
8. Insurmountable Odds / Sessuale I

More Info:

Zombi make their long awaited return with their new album, Direct Inject! Capturing the spirit of previous albums like Escape Velocity and Surface To Air, while expanding the band's sonic palette into territory, ranging from 80's synth rock ("Direct Inject") to saxophone-heavy slow jams ("Sessuale II"). Direct Inject is essential Zombi, and quite possibly their most diverse and engaging record yet. You can't help but get carried up in the slipstream of tracks like "Bodies in the Flotsam", the hard rock/synth strut of "Kamichi & Sandy", the guttural dirge of "The Post-Atomic Horror", or the heady sonic touches of "Insurmountable Odds".