Coalesce - There Is Nothing New Under The Sun +


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 08/09/2024
UPC: 781676755721

There Is Nothing New Under The Sun +
Artist: Coalesce
Format: CD

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Generally speaking, covering the songs of Led Zeppelin seems like a bad fucking idea. After all, the reason Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones played all those monster jams is so you don't have to. But the astute gentlemen of Coalesce have never let a bad idea get in the way of good music, so they unleashed a seven-track EP of shit-hot Zeppelin covers upon an unsuspecting world back in 1999, played a few shows and then promptly broke up for the second (or was it third?) time. We're not really sure, but what we do know is this: Eight years later, the cease & desist letter still hasn't rolled in. Which is precisely why There Is Nothing New Under The Sun is now being presented with eight additional jams-including those from Coalesce's split EP with Boy Sets Fire, the band's version of "Supernaut" from the In These Black Days Sabbath tribute seven-inch series, an Undertow cover, and a Get Up Kids cover. Think of it as the hammer of the gods pounding a few extra stakes into the music industry's litigious heart. But don't actually say that out loud: You'll sound like a dick, and we might get sued.
 performance for BBC radio, featuring 4 tracks from the band's OX period including "Wild Ox Moan", "Through Sparrows I Rest", and "The Villain We Won't Deny".