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Format: CD
Label: MEP
Rel. Date: 04/09/2021
UPC: 782388125024

Fledermaus 303
Artist: Wumpscut
Format: CD


1. Nazi Tabernakel
2. Dort Lieber Herrscher
3. Tod Durch Affen
4. Squeal Like A Pig
5. I Am Coronaer
6. Nein Nein (Pest II
7. Debetty
8. Little Wartz
9. Schwuler Schwan
10. Habemus Dominum

More Info:

After 25 years as one of the most influential & prolific electro-industrial artists, 2017 saw : Wumpscut: go dormant. Now, after four years of silence, : Wumpscut: returns with Fledermaus 303. All songs on the album feature sounds from the classic Roland TB 303 synth, blended with the signature malevolent dark electro : W: sound. Fledermaus 303 is a standout addition to the : Wumpscut: legacy of evil.