Format: CD
Label: Blank Forms Editions
Rel. Date: 06/23/2023
UPC: 783970982605

Aphorisms [2CD]
Artist: Graham Lambkin
Format: CD


1. Samplehurst
2. Limp Test
3. Gibbus
4. Needlemuff
5. Slave Painting
6. Corpsicus
7. Trilogy of Embers CD2: Porpitus
8. Cannon Hill
9. The Wind Imp
10. Aphorisms

More Info:

Graham Lambkin (of Shadow Ring fame) returns with a long awaited epic double LP, Aphorisms, his first major solo outing since Community (Kye, 2016). Recorded mostly during the early winter months of 2022, in post-pandemic New York and post-Brexit London, Aphorisms assembles the sonic detritus of daily life into hauntingly intimate aural soundscapes.