Scott James Moutter - Reign of Fire


Format: DVD
Label: THV
Catalog: 2720600
Rel. Date: 11/19/2002
UPC: 786936191417

Reign of Fire
Artist: Scott James Moutter
Format: DVD


Clr/5.1/ws/thx/fra dub/spa sub

More Info:

A breed of fire-breathing dragon emerges after long years of sleep, setting fire and destruction, creating dominance over the human race. Starring Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey. Special features include: If You Can't Stand the Heat" Pyrotechnics & Special Effects Featurette; Trailer; "Breathing Life Into the Terror" Sci-fi Featurette; Conversations with Rob Bowman.


It would be fine if Reign of Fire were merely an incompetent slice of drivel.That it's such a profoundly unoriginal Frankenstinian mishmash of countlessnon-ideas cribbed from second-hand sources, well, that makes it a massive achievementin swill-mongering.

Mankind drills deep into downtown London and awakens a big dragon. Jump to twentyyears later: dragons have eaten everybody except Christian Bale and a groupof survivors that have taken refuge in a castle. One day Matthew McConaugheyshows up with a cigar and a beard and a tank and asks Bale to help him killthe dragons. Bale says no, then he says yes, then they ride to London in IzabellaScorupco's helicopter and kill the main dragon. Along the way, people getflash-fried by atrocious CGI. Sadly, none of them are the director or screenwriters.

Ladies and gentlemen, Hollywood has finally perfected Meta-Crap. This may beour cue to storm Los Angeles with torches.