Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/18/2021
UPC: 787269055131

Look At Me Now! (The Pop Songwriting Rarities Of Mitch Murray 1963-1966) / Various

1. The Naturals - Look at Me Now
2. Murray's Monkeys - Gipsy
3. Michael Cox - I Hate Getting Up in the Morning
4. Paul Murray - I Wish You Everything
5. The Outcasts - I'll Keep Coming Back
6. Maxine Darren - How Can I Hide It from My Heart
7. Dev Douglas - I Won't Miss You
8. Doug Sheldon - Let's Make a Habit of This
9. Les Carle - By the Way
10. The Cheese Cakes - Bye Bye Little Boy
11. Lee Stirling ; the Bruisers - I Could If I Wanted to
12. Signs - Ain't You Got a Heart
13. Roland Storm ; the Statesmen - Heaven Only Knows
14. Angela Deen - Gotta Hand It to the Boy
15. Murray's Monkeys - I'll Be Here
16. Paul Murray - Is It Me
17. Wayne Fontana - You Made Me What I Am Today
18. Kiki Dee - Early Night
19. Brad Newman - I'll Find You Another Baby
20. Gregory Phillips and the Remo Four - Everybody Knows
21. Frank Kelly with the Hunters - What Do You Wanna Do
22. Sandra Browne - You'd Think He Didn't Know Me
23. Teddy Green - Can I Take You Out Tonight
24. Marian Angel - All the Time in the World
25. Sounds of Les and Mitch - Why Can't We Love
26. Dev Douglas - I'm Writing to the Guy Who Stole My Girl
27. Carter-Lewis - You Can't Fool Me
28. The Rajahs - Can You Keep a Secret
29. The American Beetles - I Wish You Everything
30. The Nightmares - I Hate Getting Up in the Morning
31. John Carter - Look at Me Now
32. Peter Noone - We Don't Need the Money
33. Freddie Garrity - It's Good for You
34. John Carter - Bless Your Little Heart

More Info:

Look At Me Now! Is the first ever retrospective on the songwriting prowess of Mitch Murray. Taking a close examination of Mitch's 1963-1966 compositions, Teensville traces rarities by artists such as The Naturals, Murray's Monkeys, The Outcasts, Dev Douglas and many more. The compilation features 34 tracks with an 80 minute runtime. Also included is a full color booklet with information about the artists and recordings, pictures and a special introduction by Mitch's personal friend, Brian Gari.