Format: CD
Rel. Date: 09/03/2021
UPC: 787991203121

Wonderful Moon Night / Various
Artist: Wonderful Moon Night / Various
Format: CD


1. Gan Bo-lin - A Wonderful Moon Night
2. Gan Bo-lin - Groaning From The Patient
3. Gan Bo-lin - Sng of Depression
4. Gan Bo-lin - Melody of Sadness
5. Gan Bo-lin - Joyful Night
6. Gan Bo-lin - Glad Humming of a Humble Family
7. Gan Bo-lin - Bird-Singing From The Valley
8. Gan Bo-lin - Pursuing Toward a Bright Future
9. Gan Bo-lin - Shining of the Red candle
10. Gan Bo-lin - Performing With an Only String
11. Gan Bo-lin - Listening to the Soughing of Pines
12. Gan Bo-lin - The Cold Spring Wind
13. Gan Bo-lin - The Moon Reflected in Er-Quan

More Info:

The incredible erhu music of Master Gan Bo-Lin, performing the compositions of Liou Tian-Hua and Hua Yan-Jun and performed in association with Chinese Classical Troupe of Beijing, Conducted by Zhang Shih-Gueng.