Format: Vinyl
Label: K Records
Rel. Date: 11/24/2023
UPC: 789856129416

Migration Music [LP]
Artist: Feeling Figures
Format: Vinyl


1. Dream Death
2. Across the Line
3. Don't Ever Let Me Know
4. I Should Tell You
5. Pour Un Instant
6. Seek and Hide
7. Movement
8. Sink
9. You Were Young
10. Remains

More Info:

For years Feeling Figures have tinkered away at the edge of the Montreal scene, never fitting neatly into the ebb and flow of the city's cultural trends or its more traditionalist camps. A geographer, a music therapist, a writer, and an underground arts biz maverick, the four Figures have long been friends and collaborators in various musical formations and continue to propel multiple projects.