Format: CD
Rel. Date: 11/04/2022
UPC: 791558461015

Strange Loop / O.C.R. (Uk)
Artist: Michael Jackson R (Uk)
Format: CD


1. Intermission Song
2. Today
3. We Wanna Know
4. Inner White Girl
5. Didn't Want Nothin'
6. Exile in Gayville
7. Second Wave - By Jaquel Spivey
8. Tyler Perry Writes Real Life
9. Writing a Gospel Play
10. A Sympathetic Ear
11. Inwood Daddy
12. Boundaries
13. Periodically
14. Didn't Want Nothin' Reprise
15. Precious Little Dream / Aids Is God's Punishment
16. Memory Song
17. A Strange Loop

More Info:

The Pulitzer Prize-winning big, Black, and queer American musical is now on Broadway! Meet Usher: a Black, queer writer writing a musical about a Black, queer writer writing a musical about a Black, queer writer... Composer Michael R. Jackson's Pulitzer Prize-winning, blisteringly funny masterwork exposes the heart and soul of a young artist grappling with desires, identity, and instincts he both loves and loathes. Hell-bent on breaking free of his own self-perception, Usher (performed by Jaquel Spivey in his Broadway debut) wrestles with the thoughts in his head, brought to life onstage by a hilarious, straight-shooting ensemble. Bold and heartfelt in it's truth-telling, A Strange Loop is the big, Black, and queer-ass Great American Musical for all!