Softies - Bed I Made


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 08/23/2024
UPC: 792671668701

Bed I Made
Artist: Softies
Format: Vinyl


1. Go Back in Time
2. I Said What I Said
3. To You from Me
4. Tiny Flame
5. When I Started Loving You
6. Just Someone
7. California Highway 99
8. Dial Tone
9. The Bed I Made 1
10. 23rd Birthday 1
11. Sigh Sigh Sigh 1
12. Headphones 1
13. Foot Path 1
14. Don't Fall Apart

More Info:

The Softies, comprised of Rose Melberg and Jen Sbragia, embody timeless themes of friendship and self-discovery through their minimalist pop soundworld. Since their formation in 1994, they've created uncluttered and fearlessly vulnerable music, contrasting with prevailing trends. The Bed I Made, The Softies' first new studio album in 24 years, showcases growth while reflecting on life's complexities with lyrics drawn from real experiences. Despite individual pursuits and personal losses, Melberg and Sbragia reunite, channeling grief and rejuvenation into an album that captures the essence of their enduring friendship and offers hope and renewal amid life's challenges. Through their perfectly-paired harmonies and telepathic playing, they navigate the present, past, and future, offering a poignant continuation of their musical legacy, resonating like time spent with an old friend who knows you best.