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Format: CD
Label: DON
Catalog: 180162
Rel. Date: 01/15/2021
UPC: 794465706828

Artist: Paula Atherton & Interplay
Format: CD


1. I Long for You Love
2. The Long Road Home
3. One Last Goodbye
4. Fireflies
5. Let Me Inside Your Love [Vocal Version]
6. Silk Pajamas
7. If I Hold You in My Arms
8. Samba Azul
9. Yes I'm Ready
10. Tuesday Morning
11. Raining
12. Let Me Inside Your Love [Instrumental]

More Info:

Paula Atherton & Interplay is a contemporary jazz group out of New York. This CD 'Let Me Inside Your Love' has twelve tracks. The CD features Paula singing on four tracks and playing alto sax, soprano sax, and flute on the others. Most of the CD is funky, with exceptions being a samba, a pop ballad, a 12/8 groove (slow 50's or 60's groove) and a world music piece. All compositions are original except for a remake of the Barbara Mason tune, 'Yes I'm Ready' Because it is eclectic, this CD has a little something in it for everybody.