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Format: CD
Label: UENR
Rel. Date: 11/13/2020
UPC: 794558502528

Your Receding Warmth
Artist: Boundaries
Format: CD


1. Is Survived By
2. Fade Away
3. Carve
4. My Strength
5. Get Out
6. Behind the Bend
7. Written and Rephrased
8. I'd Rather Not Say
9. One Moment from Disaster
10. Your Receding Warmth
11. From the Departed, Dear or Otherwise

More Info:

The overall idea of Boundaries' new album Your Receding Warmth is that as life continues and we all get older, support systems and avenues of love we use throughout life gradually fall to the wayside and aren't replaced by anything. The idea being that as you get old you shouldn't need so much "help" and the expectation shifts from every individual doing what they must to live their best and happiest life, to just keeping your head down and burying your struggles internally. "The tracklist is arranged in a way that follows the stages I go through when I lose one of these support systems, in a way that almost parallels the way people talk about the stages of grief," says singer Matthew McDougal.