Sovereign - Altered Realities


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 01/19/2024
UPC: 795154145225

Altered Realities
Artist: Sovereign
Format: CD


1. Track 1
2. Altered Reality
3. Track 3
4. Futile Dreams
5. Track 5
6. Nebular Waves
7. Track 7
8. Counter Tech
9. Track 9
10. The Enigma Of Intelligence
11. Track 11
12. Synthetic Life
13. Track 13
14. Absence Of Unity

More Info:

A full-length offering of Sovereign's lethal blend of evil death / thrash is set to be unshackled via Dark Descent Records!Formed in Oslo 2018 AD, the band have three releases under their belts: Iron Cast (single 2018), Sovereign (demo, 2019), and Neurotic (EP, 2020). Three years in the making, the time has finally come to complete the set with debut album Altered Realities. A monstrous masterwork of old school extreme metal ecstasy."Altered Realities is a product of an ever-evolving journey we have taken as a band, from our start in 2018 and culminating in the album's recording in early 2022," reflects lead guitarist Tommy Jacobsen. He is joined in the band by former Nocturnal Breed band-mate Vidar Fineidet (guitar), alongside drummer Cato Syversrud, and bassist / vocalist Gravskjender."We strive to push ourselves, both in terms of speed and technicality, whilst still keeping a groove and dynamic. Our approach to death / thrash is an interplay between fast-paced aggression and a slower, more groove-oriented feel. The lyrical themes of the album mirror events and unrest that happened during the time of writing and is in itself a journey."