Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 06/10/2022
UPC: 795853951042

Baby Laugh / Baby Cry
Artist: Baby?
Format: Vinyl


1. Number One In Hell
2. Clocklords
3. But I Don't Believe You
4. Labor Board
5. Radical Document
6. Babbling Brook
7. Log Me Out
8. Old Skin
9. Fall On The Floor
10. Ice Cream Sandwich

More Info:

Baby? That's Erin & Max, right? More duo stew? From Oakland? Still? Didn't one of them move away? Didn't they already do something like this? Are you sure about that?Cesarean, right? Wait, hold up, so this collabo sprang from a singular epic recording sesh? "Even though we hang 11 times weekly, shouldn't we remotely pile on overdubs ad infinitum for havoc injection?"Did they really say that? Did they really do all this on purpose? How did Erin even go about mixing it? That cannot be right, can it? Without a map, shouldn't they just get totally lost? Whataya mean "That's what they want?" Doesn't it sound like they did stuff backwards? Or maybe even like you're catching them in the middle of something sinister yet still somehow extremely welcoming? Doesn't it make you kinda nervous? Isn't this supposed to be punk? Doesn't punk have rules? Will they ever play again? Do you like it? Really? How much? And what's with all these KLF allusions?