Impulse - Impulse (2pc)


Format: Blu-Ray
Rel. Date: 03/12/2024
UPC: 797679001925

Impulse (2pc)
Artist: Impulse
Format: Blu-Ray

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From director Jess Franco (VAMPYROS LESBOS, JACK THE RIPPER), one of the most important and revered purveyors of international cinema, and legendary French exploitation film studio Eurocine (PANTHER SQUAD, ZOMBIE LAKE) comes DOWNTOWN HEAT (aka CIUDAD BAJA), a rarely seen 1994 action thriller starring MANNIX himself, Mike Connors, along with Josephine Chaplin (Franco's JACK THE RIPPER) and Franco's main muse Lina Romay. It's a lurid tale of a vengeful jazz musician, his murdered wife, her punk rock lesbian lover and a gang of vigilantes set on bringing down a sadistic drug cartel, all set to relentless jazz-funk soundtrack. One of Franco's most interesting, colorful and eccentric late-period ventures (the film was shot in 1990 but not released until 1994 due to a legal dispute between Franco and Eurocine), Full Moon is thrilled to be bringing this action-packed potboiler to disc for the very first time in North America with a striking new HD transfer remastered from the original negative. Get ready for wild ride, Franco style!