Format: CD
Rel. Date: 03/31/2023
UPC: 798576223991

Brambletown [Digipak]
Artist: Okee Dokee Brothers
Format: CD


1. In the Bramble
2. Child of Nature
3. Junkyard Raccoon
4. Doctor Mole's Apothecary
5. Night on the Town
6. Weasel ; Weasel's Convenience Store
7. Little Bird
8. The Varmints
9. Run, Little Rabbit, Run
10. Critter Jitter Brew
11. Old Badger
12. The Fox and the Hare
13. The Mycelium Underground News
14. Trouble in Paradise
15. Possum's Point of View
16. The Life That's in You
17. Little Dipper and Big Dipper

More Info:

The Okee Dokee Brothers have always traveled long distances in their grand adventures outward, but for their next musical adventure, Joe and Justin have wandered deep inside the forest of imagination. Brambletown is a woodland creature mosaic where "critters can talk, trees can walk and nothing's as it seems." You'll be guided by Junkyard Raccoon, Doctor Mole, Fox and Hare, Possum and Old Badger. They'll take you on a journey full of mysterious dreams, rowdy celebrations, tempting distractions, and ancient wisdom. Brambletown is a story of learning, or better yet, remembering how deeply all of us are connected. So, into the forest we go!