Dream Stalker - Dream Stalker


Format: Blu-Ray
Rel. Date: 08/09/2024
UPC: 799793163381

Dream Stalker
Artist: Dream Stalker
Format: Blu-Ray

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IN YOUR DREAMS NO ONE HEARS YOU SCREAM! Welcome to the world of Brittney Meredith, a young fashion model in demand. She has it all; youth, beauty, and a handsome fiancé named Ricky. Tragedy strikes when Ricky is killed in a motocross accident. Brittney has only Ricky's precious gift, a music box, to remember his undying love. The world and dreams of Brittany quickly change to nightmares, as Ricky comes back to pledge his eternal love for her once more. Ricky goes on a murderous rampage to have Brittney all to himself. As he gets closer to fulfilling his deadly desire, Brittney must figure out a way to stop her fatal nightmares... but, in your dreams no one hears you SCREAM!