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Format: CD
Label: DSKE
Rel. Date: 02/05/2021
UPC: 8001120002839

Shape Of Void To Come
Artist: Ishvara
Format: CD


1. Vajrabhairava
2. Hollow Heart
3. Relativity of the Absolute
4. Shape of a Void to Come
5. Mark of the Plague
6. Dharmayama
7. Continuum Vastitaes
8. Cosmic Frequencies Diffused
9. Song of Fire

More Info:

Italian avantgarde black metal giants Ishvara have released their debut full length "Shape of a Void to Come" album in December via Dusktone. Coming from different experiences in the music production field, the humans gathered under the single word of the supreme Spirit unite here in a ritual where the sonic violence of the modern world is mixed with the solemn silences