Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/03/2022
UPC: 8002224221652

Artist: Lord Agheros
Format: CD


1. The Prophecy
2. The Walls of Nowhere
3. Hold the Line
4. Sow
5. Same Blood
6. Sleep Among the Stars
7. ... of May
8. Litany of the Hermit

More Info:

MY KINGDOM MUSIC - LORD AGHEROS / KOINE - Synonymous of originality, LORD AGHEROS renew their sound with a new album which will represent the full maturity of a project that uses to be never the same. With Koinè, a Greek term that indicates the language used in the Hellenistic age, when Greek essence joined East culture thanks to Alexander the Great, Gerassimos Evangelou, the only mind behind LORD AGHEROS project, returns to his own musical and cultural past with a more extreme sound, close to a certain Atmospheric Black Metal of the early days, but contaminating it in a unique way with the magic and esotericism of the oriental sound and Ambient-wave elements making Koinè a bridge between past, present and future rich of personality and pure beauty. The perfect balance between these different elements represents in sounds the real essence of this decadent era, becoming it's natural soundtrack It takes inspiration from the cinematic musical essence of ULVER, the Avantgardism of IHSAHN, the strength of the sound of WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, the mediterranean touch of MOONSPELL and finally the theatrical and dramatic elements of EMPYRIUM. Lord Agheros is ready to take you on this delirant journey.