Nicolo Paganini  / Fanfoni,Luca - World Premiere Recordings - Sonata A Preghiera


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 04/19/2024
UPC: 8007144080150

World Premiere Recordings - Sonata A Preghiera
Artist: Nicolo Paganini / Fanfoni,Luca
Format: CD

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Bringing together works both well known and entirely new, this remarkable Paganini program is packed with world premiere recordings made from painstakingly reconstructed manuscripts and unpublished discoveries. The most important of these is the Sonata a preghiera, performed here for the first time with it's original orchestral accompaniment. Other fascinating compositions include the Sonata a Violino Scordato that requires re-tuning the violin, the miniatures Capriccio and Agitato casually handed out by Paganini as gifts, and the stunning Introduzione e variazioni sul tema 'In cor più non mi sento' which incorporates all of the most spectacular effects of the composer's legendary violin technique.