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Format: Blu-Ray
Rel. Date: 10/15/2021
UPC: 8007144579081

Le Nozze In Villa
Artist: Donizetti / Orchestra Gli Originali / Montanari
Format: Blu-Ray

More Info:

Le nozze in villa ('The Wedding in the Villa') tells the story of Sabina and the young Claudio. They are in love, but this match goes against the will of her father, who wants her to marry the Schoolmaster Trifoglio. Misunderstandings and tensions between city emancipation and provincial narrow-mindedness are resolved, and romance ultimately triumphs thanks to the alliance of 'gracefulness, faith and youth'. This early and virtually unknown opera buffa by Donizetti is full of Rossini-influenced lyrical inventiveness and beautiful arias. Specially restored for the 2019 Bergamo Festival, this revival brings out all of the opera's 'sparkling spirit and melodiousness' (bachtrack. Com).