Udad - Udad [Clear Vinyl]


Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 03/15/2024
UPC: 801056809711

Udad [Clear Vinyl]
Artist: Udad
Format: Vinyl


1. Den Evindelige Ende
2. Bakenfor Urskogens Utkant
3. Avgudsdyrker
4. Blodnatten
5. Den Virkelige Apokryf
6. Vondskapens Triumf
7. Kald Iver
8. Antropofagens Hunger

More Info:

Udåd is the new act from Thomas Eriksen of current Norwegian black metal masters, Mork. As his main band evolves ever further into complex & elaborately textured moods & atmospheres & after reflecting back on Mork's first album 'Isebakke' as the framework for this new vessel in the pursuit of pure black metal grimness, Eriksen delved deeply into this stream of influence to create somewhat of an antithesis to current day Mork, with something utterly "nekro" in it's motivations & execution. An unpretentious exploration of the brutal reality of death & the lack of meaning in life. With a completely stripped down & cold approach, bringing to mind the spellbinding, almost dungeon-like recording sounds from the burgeoning early 1990's black metal movement, this is an exploration of absolute & relentless darkness, for a sparse & primitive trip through the mental abyss of raw feeling. Influence for this self-titled opus also came from outside of the sphere of metal, having been introduced to the works of cinematographer Jorg Buttgereit, more specifically "Der Todesking", with it's art based on the raw & ugly truths that humanity bares within it's flesh. Udåd is therefore Eriksen's "Der Todesking". This edition of 'Udåd' is presented on transparent vinyl with printed inner sleeve.