Bach ,J.S. / Pozuelo - Alio Modo


Format: CD
Rel. Date: 01/05/2024
UPC: 8011570372796

Alio Modo
Artist: Bach ,J.S. / Pozuelo
Format: CD


1. 4 Duets, BWV 802-805: Duet No. 3 in G Major, BWV 804 [02:32]
2. Prelude No. 7 in E-Flat Major, BWV 876 [02:38]
3. Fugue No. 7 in E-Flat Major, BWV 876 [01:51]
4. I. Arioso: Adagio [02:24]
5. II. - [01:13]
6. III. Adagiosissimo [02:42]
7. IV. - [00:38]
8. V. Aria Di Postiglione: Allegro Poco [01:11]
9. VI. Fugue All'imitatione Di Posta [02:36]
10. Prelude No. 4 in C-Sharp minor, BWV 849 [03:04]
11. Fugue No. 4 in C-Sharp minor, BWV 849 [03:04]
12. Prelude No. 8 in E-Flat minor, BWV 853 [03:38]
13. Fugue No. 8 in D-Sharp minor, BWV 853 [04:06]
14. 4 Duets, BWV 802-805: Duet No. 4 in a Minor, BWV 805 [02:28]
15. Prelude No. 20 in a Minor, BWV 889 [04:29]
16. Fugue No. 20 in a Minor, BWV 889 [02:03]
17. 4 Duets, BWV 802-805: Duet No. 1 in E minor, BWV 802 [02:32]
18. Fantasia [07:38]
19. Fugue [05:21]
20. 4 Duets, BWV 802-805: Duet No. 2 in F Major, BWV 803 [03:20]
21. I. [Allegro] [04:43]
22. II. Andante [05:26]
23. III. Presto [04:40

More Info:

Music has it's own language. It's beauty immediately discloses emotions but sometimes also conceals it's meanings. The musician is compelled by this dualism to make choices, which are not always painless. To enhance one of them entails attenuating what is immediately perceptible, in order to highlight what, although existing, is not. This peculiarity makes both studying and performing a piece difficult, and must always be taken into account. This often occurs in Johann Sebastian Bach. He is always searching for some kind of absolute truth. However, we are not given to grasp it in it's entirety and in it's incomparable complexity: only through continuous research and assiduous work we are able to comprehend a small part of it. The art of music resembles an extraordinary journey encompassing infinite dimensions; the most important aspect is treasuring what we experience and discover along the way, not just reaching the destination, because even then we would realize that the journey is far from over. As Bach suggests in his Musical Offering, there is only one road: quaerendo invenietis, seeking you will find; this is what I have tried to accomplish in this new recording project dedicated to the genius from Eisenach. The anthological choice of this CD stems from the need to provide a significant overview of this interpretative philosophy, which allows us to shed new light on the kaleidoscopic world of Bach. My previous recording project "Domenico Scarlatti alio modo" followed this same criterion, albeit on different bases.