Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 09/03/2021
UPC: 8016108031220

Etruscan Prophecy / Ghost Song (Ita)
Artist: Dark Quarterer
Format: Vinyl


1. Retributioner
2. Piercing Hail
3. The Etruscan Prophecy
4. Devil Stroke
5. The Last Hope
6. Angels of Mire
7. Queen of the Sewer

More Info:

Dark Quarterer was an Italian progressive heavy metal band with a particular enphasis on doom-ish and epic metal arcane sound. Lead vocals are great, melanchonic and sometimes high-pitched and guitar solos are very classy and melodic. The structure of the songs is complex and elaborate but very enjoyable. A mix of Legend, Cirith Ungol, Saracen, Manilla Road and Adramelch. A must!