Philip Glass - Philip Glass Solo [Limited Edition] [180 Gram]


Format: Vinyl
Label: Orange Mountain Musi
Rel. Date: 01/19/2024
UPC: 801837800821

Philip Glass Solo [Limited Edition] [180 Gram]
Artist: Philip Glass
Format: Vinyl


1. Side A:
2. Track 2
3. Opening 4:01
4. Track 4
5. Metamorphosis I 7:26
6. Track 6
7. Metamorphosis II 7:31
8. Side B:
9. Track 9
10. Mad Rush 8:08
11. Track 11
12. Metamorphosis III 6:17
13. Track 13
14. Truman Sleeps 4:39

More Info:

180 Gram Black Vinyl, tip-on jacket, limited to 2000. Philip Glass will share a new album, Philip Glass Solo, on January 26 via Orange Mountain Music. The collection is an intimate portrait of the renowned pianist at 84, as he takes a new look at some of his most enduring and beloved piano works. "This record revisits my works for piano. From 2020-2021, I had time at home to practice the works I have played for many years. This record is both a time capsule of 2021, and a reflection on decades of composition and practice. In other words, a document on my current thinking about the music. There is also the question of place. This is my piano, the instrument on which most of the music was written. It's also the same room where I have worked for decades in the middle of the energy which New York City itself has brought to me. The listener may hear the quiet hum of New York in the background or feel the influence of time and memory that this space affords. To the degree possible, I made this record to invite the listener in." - Philip Glass, November 2023. Philip Glass Solo was recorded at a time when the world was undergoing a major shift-for Glass, that shift manifested in going from a busy tour and premiere schedule to time spent at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Glass dedicated this time to revisiting some of his most critically acclaimed piano music, taking to them with a new view in his home studio in New York. It is his most personal record to date, offering a snapshot of his life, and a portrait of daily practice over eight decades through several cherished works.