Format: CD
Rel. Date: 10/14/2022
UPC: 8019991888353

Pianeta Della Musica E Il Viaggio Di Iotu (Ita)
Artist: Franco Mussida
Format: CD


1. Iòtu e il piano planetario
2. L'oro del suono
3. l mondo in una nota
4. Afromedindian blues
5. Democrazia solidale
6. Ti lascio detto
7. Io noi la musica
8. E tutto vero
9. Il sogno e la strada
10. Ninì
11. Incanto e amicizia
12. Il lavoro della bellezza
13. Alberi
14. Stupore

More Info:

FRANCO MUSSIDA is back with a new album, a new sound and a new musical style! Musician, composer, teacher, philosopher and researcher Franco Mussida, known and estimated in the music scene for his lyrics and the unique sound of his guitar, is set to release his brand new album "IL PIANETA DELLA MUSICA e il viaggio di Iòtu" on October 7th, via CPM Music Factory / Self Distribuzione. For the first time, in this new record appears a sound never heard before in his works: the sound of a classical guitar called Baritona, designed to combine soul-blues with pop music and classical, that opens to languages and to expressiveness. The album has been anticipated by "IO NOI LA MUSICA", an acoustic track that reflects on the generation between the 60's and 70's. A generation that has lived a golden age and enjoyed music and spirituality for itself, without thinking about future generations. The song "Io Noi La Musica" is divided into two parts: in the first one, a speech describes how the past generation can use time to opens up to art and music; the second part is a long musical phrase that is a soundtrack for a butterfly in flight, symbol of beauty. The musical part has an irregular rhythm inspired by Frank Zappa's "Watermelon In Easter Hay".The videoclip, produced by CPM Music Factory, filmed by Milkit film studio, highlights the lyrics and the value of the words, then covered by the image of a soldier with a viewfinder obscured by a butterfly with coloured wings. The image is taken from a painting by Paco Minuesa's "La Fortaleza de la fragilidad" (The strength of fragility), a strong picture chosen by Mussida «to tell how the spirit of beauty and Music has wings that can never be broken. Like the flight of this little butterfly, destined to have a future, to give us the right direction to follow». FRANCO MUSSIDA was born in Milan in 1947. He is an artist who has deal with Music in different fields. He is a musician, composer, teacher, philosopher-researcher. Founding member of PFM - Premiata Forneria Marconi, he makes dozens of albums, writes many of the national and international successes of the band, including the music of "Impressioni di Settembre". He has collaborated, played with singers, artists and intellectuals including Fabrizio de André (he cured the artistic production of de André - PFM), Lucio Battisti, Francesco Guccini, Paolo Conte, Lucio Dalla. As a musician, he is the symbol and founder of a generation that in the 70's created and enjoyed the musical fullness of Prog, helping to bring that model in the world. In 1984 he founded the CPM Music Institute in Milan, one of the most prestigious Italian music institutes of Popular Music, previously little considered but now, thanks to his work, fully recognized at the institutional level. This is combined with more than 30 years of social work and research in prisons and communities where Music is used as an educational tool. Among the projects realized "CO2", operating in 12 Italian prisons and awarded in 2017 with the medal of the Presidency of the Republic. Since 2012, Mussida shows his researchs on the effects of Music on emotional structure, through visual art and non-fiction. In this regard, between 2013 and 2020 he writes 5 essays - the lasts: "Il Pianeta della Musica" (Salani Editore, 2019) and "L'oro del suono" (Nomos, 2021). He also designs and creates experiential exhibitions, permanent installations in prestigious museums in Italy, including the Triennale of Milan, and the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, where he received the Lorenzo de' Medici Prize in 2015 together with Anish Kapoor. His research work on the Mystery that transforms Music into emotions continues today in the prisons of San Vittore in Milan, a place he has frequented since 1987, and in the community of San Patrignano in Coriano, in the province of Rimini.