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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 06/19/2020
UPC: 802022294241

Portrait / Various
Artist: Portrait / Various
Format: CD

More Info:

This release is a compilation of famous piano pieces by Scarlatti, Mozart, Brahms & Chopin. Wendy Waterman is a re-discovered 76 year old pianist, living in Switzerland. She made her UK debut as a 10 years old girl with Bach's concerto in D minor, conducted by Sir Malcolm Sargent. The pianist chose some of her favorite pieces for her current recording. The result, however, is not accidental: "I now see so much piano music that I have known and loved all my life in a new way: Mozart through his operas, where the recitative requires a different approach than the aria, and where one learns how singers phrase his inimitable melodies, Brahms and Schubert through their rich, wonderful songs, Chopin through the eyes of Italian Belcanto, and finally Scarlatti, based on my studies of countless baroque opera scores that made me revisit his delightful miniatures and to decorate them freely, inspired by Italian lightness and joie de vivre."