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Format: CD
Label: MLML
Rel. Date: 11/13/2020
UPC: 8022167090948

Sator Omnia Noctem
Artist: Legionem
Format: CD


1. Flies
2. High Spires
3. Abramelin
4. Christe Eleison
5. A Flush Of Sulfur
6. I Am Magister
7. Aeajatmoaamvmsgstgjez
8. Follia

More Info:

2020 release. If the first words that come to your mind when you think about doom metal are "slow and boring", you need to listen to Legionem - it's a safe bet you will change your mind. These Italians don't hide that they're inspired by the forefathers of the genre from Birmingham, but they don't leave any doubt which country they come from as their music is steeped in the Italian dark sound tradition from the '70s and '80s. Prepare to be engulfed by the lava of full-bodied metallic riffs and evil sounding vocals shifting between gruff and clean. The use of the organ helps create a mysterious, esoteric atmosphere. Their second full-length offering will keep your attention high throughout it's entirety - it's an inspired and varied album with truly massive sound. The initiated ones, apart from the obvious Black Sabbath influence, will surely recognize similarities to bands like L'impero Delle Ombre, Paul Chain, The Black, Epitaph, Abysmal Grief, early Death SS, Witchfield, Wall Of Sleep, Witchfinder General, Black Oath and Goblin.