Format: CD
Rel. Date: 05/26/2023
UPC: 8022167091068

Architects Of Power
Artist: Kingdom O Tyrants
Format: CD


1. Unforgotten Souls
2. Daedalus
3. War Machine
4. Diabolical
5. Kingdom of Tyrants
6. Ghosts of Industry
7. Judas Gate
8. Masque of the Red Death
9. Metal or Die

More Info:

Out of the Boston area rises a new metal beast ready to take on the world. But it's musical ancestry is neck-deep - it comprises the STEEL ASSASSIN guitar duo of Kevin Curran and Michael Mooney who teamed up with other veterans of the local '80s metal scene: the original MELIAH RAGE vocalist Mike Munro and drummer Stuart Dowie. Drawing heavily on the mythology and history of mankind, their debut album brings their take on classic heavy metal mixed with a dose US power. This masterwork shows a wide breadth of distinct, remarkable and consistently heavy songs with driving rhythms, catchy melodies and plenty of hooks. The rhythm section represents a bombast of anger and furious beauty, the riffs are massive and the inspired leads exude pure talent and class. Atop of this foundation, Munro's powerful bellow evokes the alpha wolf lusting after the thrill of the hunt. The excellence and confidence expected from such seasoned musicians is complemented by superb production. The band remains grounded in the footprints of masters like METAL CHURCH, SAVATAGE, ACCEPT, JUDAS PRIEST, ARMORED SAINT or HERETIC, but doesn't sound exactly like any of them, having already forged their own personal style.